About Me

Author & Speaker

I am an author, passionate speaker, and entrepreneur. I am a successful restaurateur, real estate investor and ex mafia enforcer. All those experiences have empowered me to help and motivate tens of thousands of people all around the globe. 

I am a dad to three daughters and four gorgeous granddaughters.

My passion for writing began when I was a teenager. I have written ten novels, one self-help guide and a cookbook. I have received nume... Read more

A Journey Through Recovery & Understanding

Embark on a transformative literary voyage with Danny Falcone, an insightful author hailing from The Bronx New York. 

Danny is an active member in the 12 Step Recovery programs and at the time of this writing 32 years of continuous sobriety. After writing eight novels he had many requests and questions as to why he hasn't written a novel about recovery. So he wrote the powerful compelling story; "Grant Me Serinity" and it is dedicated to t... Read more

Culinary Passion Unleashed...

Danny's cookbook is full of savory Italian dishes. Danny is a culinary virtuoso hailing from the vibrant streets of Little Italy in the Bronx. Rooted in his rich Italian heritage, his life's tapestry weaves together the meals of ecstasy his cookbook proports. 

From orchestrating culinary symphonies in his restaurants to thriving in the realm of real estate, Danny's journey has been a masterclass in tenacity. Amid life's challenges, his endu... Read more