Johnny Angel

Johnny Angel

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Traveling the world ignites the spirit, but navigating the cultural underworld of organized crime could steal your soul. From the ghettos in China to the International Brotherhood of the Russian Mafia and from the Colombian Cartel to the streets of Harlem, their crimes reach across the globe. The catalyst for it all is Giovanni Bassemo, aka Johnny Angel. Their ruthless reaping of money, power, and prestige destroys the lives of everyone who gets in their way.

Johnny Angel is a raw insider’s look at the inner workings of the five biggest ethnic organized crime groups in the world. Boris Alekeseyev, aka The Fighter, leads the Izmaylovskaya Gang (Russian Mafia). Meng Chang, aka Lee, is the leader of the Tongs (Chinese Mafia). Hector Lopez, aka Yankee, is the Cartel’s main man in America. Mark Owens, aka Apollo, rules Harlem. Johnny Angel is the Italian Mafia captain and the core connection to the others. Their bonds from childhood are unshakeable, and together they are the most feared and powerful criminal enterprise in the world. The plotting against Johnny shrouds him as the treachery thickens. The calmness of his response comes full circle in a brilliant, vengeful counter-attack as he turns the tables on all of his conspiring enemies.

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