When The Bee Stings

When The Bee Stings

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The story takes place in Europe, where a microbiologist, a Mechanical engineer, and a Computer Engineer create a drone the size of a bee that could carry a virus or an explosive. Raphael Boucher (The Butcher), black market extraordinaire, has control of the drone and is selling it on the open market to the highest bidder.

Ross Harlin, director of the CIA, must stop the sale and take possession of the technology and the engineers. Time limits his ability to infiltrate The Butcher’s organization, and he needs someone to do the dirty work and deal with the Butcher. Ross turns to the American mafia and one person in particular, GiOVANNI (JOHNNY ANGEL) BASSEMO.

Johnny Angel, a powerful figure within the American mafia, has significant ties to organized crime figures around the world, including the Russian mob, the Chinese mob, and the Colombian cartel. He teams up with Santo Caperelli (Sony Cap), and Ross makes them an offer they can’t refuse.

DIANE MCCATHY and BRADLEY DONNELY are the CIA agents running this mission. The seductive and deadly Israeli agent Eliana Maier is also tasked with the same mission for the Israeli government. The Russians, the Saudis, the Chinese, and a dozen other countries are all after The Butcher, his three scientists, and the drone.

The deadly adventure runs through Europe as each intelligence agency tries to outwit the other, and one double-cross after the other keeps the pace moving and bodies counting.

When the Bee Stings will keep you glued to your seat as the fast-paced action controls the narrative throughout the story. The characters are realistic as well as fascinating; the dialog is light but deadly; and the results are compelling.

Johnny Angel and Sonny Cap, the only rookies to the espionage game, bring something to the table none of the others have—street smarts! Their unique style and wit win the day as American intelligence collects the prize, but Israel and Eliana happily take second place—with an important and deadly second-best.

When the Bee Stings is the first in a two-part series. The sequel “SISTERS” is focused on Israeli agent Eliana and her sister, who were separated as children from their family after a terrorist attack that killed their family. The main protagonist, Eliana, teams back up with Sonny Cap and Johnny Angel to track down and come to the rescue of her sister Lydia. The sequel, Sisters, is also complete.

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