"Sonny" is an insider's view of a mobster's world torn by different loyalties, competing priorities and above all, the need to stay alive. It's a fast-paced tale of romance, passion, violence, revenge and betrayal where paradoxically,where,revenge,priorities, the Mafia underworld and the world of high society mix perfectly. With its roots in the New York Mafia, the story unfolds against the backdrop of high society and wealth. The two worlds collide, and lives change, some for better, some for worse. All scores are settled, and the stage is set for the next battle as the book concludes with a happy ending for most. Genre: commercial mainstream; word count: 81,437

SONNY is the debut novel in a continuing series where Santino Caperelli (Sonny Cap) has one foot in the upper echelons of organized crime and the other foot out the door, running the streets and answering to no one. Sonny is capable, charming, and ruthless when he has to be. The story begins with a chance encounter in Central Park between Sonny and a little girl. Her socialite mother and psychopathic stockbroker boyfriend weave an unexpected and dangerous relationship into Sonny's life. A mob war, a high-energy trial, and the score of a lifetime pull him from the grim reaper's grasp and catapult him to the top of the world, Sonny's World.

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