A woman on a mission is a powerful force. When that woman is a highly-trained Mossad assassin, she becomes an explosive, deadly energy. Eliana Maier is a beautiful, intelligent killing machine haunted by the emotional pull of her twin sister whom she was separated from during a terrorist attack. Her whole family was brutally murdered twenty-one years ago. This fast-paced action/adventure/crime story has many plot twists and mind spins along the way with a total word count of 61,000.

Eliana, an Israeli assassin, was only eight years old when the fateful day Hamas stole her entire family from her occurred—or so she had come to believe from the Mossad leader Yosef Abrams. Yosef saved Eliana that day and raised her to be the best killing machine Israel had ever seen. Her twin sister Monica Beck, along with their brother Billy, had in fact both survived the attack that day and lived in America with their uncle Joe Beck. Each of the twins believes the other died that day—but now twenty-one years later, the emotional presence of one to the other becomes undeniable, and so the search begins. Though worlds apart, their sister bond is strong. Each woman “feels” the other is in some type of danger, thus bringing desperation to find answers—any answers. Yosef cannot allow Eliana to find out the truth. His next move turns on her as he labels her an enemy of the state and orders her immediate demise.

On the other side of the world, the other twin falls into a dangerous plot. Monica’s husband David Moore, a loathing egomaniac with political ambitions wants Monica dead. Bring in the Outlaws Biker Gang, the Columbian Cartel, and the American Mafia, who all converge in Dallas, Texas on a mission to take down the sisters, their worlds start to fall apart—or is it together? This fast-paced action story ties the underworld, the political world, and the fanatical religious world to the sisters’ emotional and spiritual connection. Evil, hatred, selfishness, and greed all fall prey and take second place to the power of love and the miraculous bond of sisters…

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